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First of all, I’d like to say the following description is based on my imagination. Recently, virtual reality and hologram technologies have developed and applied to entertainment and education. However, they are still not enough. The virtual reality doesn’t seem like real and the hologram is not commercialized for the personal digital device. I expect that the virtual reality and the hologram will be merged into a new technology. For example, if you get in the digital world through the gear of the virtual reality, you can see new environment based on the hologram. It’s likely more realistic than the graphic world. You may feel like as if you are the real world. If possible, people can share their experience and memory by recording a special device like the Google glass. You will go to travel in the world or you will explore your destination in advance. It will give people a variety of experiences and pleasures. It is not easy for current people to visit other countries unless they have really good financial status. You can watch beautiful places in the world. Also, the indirect experience may inspire you and make you have a special dream. In the future, one user will visit my blog and read this post. Then, he or she write a comment like “You are Chaldean.”


What is file sharing?
File sharing means to transmit a file from one storage to another over a network or the internet. Typically, people can share files through the local network service. Recently, people use Cloud service to share files. Access right to the file is managed by the user who provides it.

What is P2P File sharing?
P2P file sharing refers peer-to-peer file sharing. Computer systems are connected directly to each other over the internet. They don’t need the central server. It means that the each computer becomes both a file server and client at the same time.

What are some examples of P2P file sharing?
Typical examples of P2P file sharing are to share movies, music, books, and other media files. If a provider wants to let people enjoy freely hir content, the distribution of content via P2P file sharing won’t be a problem. People share media contents over the internet without any rights, which would be an illegal action. But, really? According to the article “Should Online Scofflaws Be Denied Web Access?”, many people agree with that file sharing on the network or the Internet is freedom of information. It is still disputed. Producers who make contents state that P2P file sharing causes serious economic losses. They’ve tried to prevent P2P file sharing from the internet, which was failed. According to the article “Digital Pirates Winning Battle With Studios,” producers found why people are sharing files, and then decided to provide the media contents in an additional different way, like DVD. The cost of enjoying media contents may be too high because it is restricted by physical limitation such as money, time, and place. That’s why Netflix and Spotify are so popular now. I hope that a lot of people can enjoy a variety of media contents with reasonable costs.



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Lately, many companies have tried to improve the level of security of information because of the cyber terror. Cyber terrorists tend to destroy the digital technical system, make errors of type server down, or steal personal information or company secret. According to the GNU Project, GNU is a free operating system which enables users to edit everything as much as they want. However, the software based on open-source is vulnerable to the cyber security. The positive aspect of using freely open-source system result in the bad aspect. In short, it’s too open. If a corporation or personal set up the security program, it would not be 100% safe. For example, how about company secrets have leaked out? It would be significant disruption to company’s service and profit. Loss of confidential company data has far-reaching ramifications that can potentially change the way business is done all over the world as much as the information is valuable. Nowadays many IT experts recommend using the closed source system which is the opposite of the open source. Apple is a typical example. The smartphone has all information of each person because it is the most personal digital device. Many people use iPhone to save their information. Although iPhone has the closed-source system and you can’t customize it, it is far safer than others like Android or Microsoft. In addition, why does president Obama use Blackberry? The reason is the privacy. We have lived in the information age. The government and court have a responsibility for regulation and punishment of the cyber crime. Also, we need to consider how to protect our personal information. Most social media require our personal information to let us get in. However, we never know where our information is stored and who can see them. Keep in your mind that the information is like gold.



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Creativity and New Media

I am an active user on Instagram. I took a below picture and posted it up on Instagram two weeks ago. McDonald’s at 220 W 42nd Street.


I’d like to make an impressive effect on this photo. I let you know that I don’t know how to use Photoshop or other creative design tools. So, I’ve decided to use App on iPhone. Finally, I’ve found one called “Fotocam.” This has the various of types of visual effects which can make the photo awesome.


To be honest, you may call me the artist or the designer if I upload this photo on another social networking sites. Never ever? It’s okay.

This process is very simple. Someone made this app and I mixed my photo with it. It’s one of the features of the new media. You can easily create something different and something new with the digital technologies such as the internet, social networking services, apps, and so forth. The creative workers? it’s all of us.


Mashup is one of the popular ways to make new media. According to the oxford dictionary, mashup means a mixture or fusion of disparate elements. you may think like A + B = A and B. Nope, it’s A + B = C. The development of technologies like internet and mashup tools encourage us to create something new. It has changed our roles in new media. Mary, Chris, and Anna state that creators and audiences were separated in the past media, but today they are interactive and have no boundaries between them in the new media. In fact, a person can be the creator and the audience at the same time. All creative works influence everyone. You can receive impressions from audiences as the role of the creator or you do from other creators as the role of the audience. If it is hard to understand it, there is easier, familiar concept called “prosumer” who consumes and produces goods. In the perspective of economic, the market of media has been expanded because people account for both of the demand and supply. It means that there are more opportunities to foster the creativity. You know “Imitation is the mother of creation.” Enjoy it, and make people joyful.



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Modeling Reality With Virtual Worlds

What are different ways these virtual worlds can be used?

First of all, the most effective field is the field of education. According to a journal “Situated Learning in Virtual Worlds and Immersive Simulations,” people are able to get experiences with immersive technologies in virtual worlds. It enables them to have the various of types of situated learning like the real. Also, it can be used for entertainment purpose. Google will sell the personal VR (Virtual Reality) gear which enables to enjoy virtual reality games with smartphones soon. Are you controlling your avatar by using a mouse and a keyboard? You must get excited because you will be the avatar in this year.


What are the pros and cons?

You can be God in the virtual world. It means that you can do anything you want. It enables to have health-care facilities in real life by practicing in the virtual world as stated in the article “Avatar II: The Hospital.” Even it can give social connectivity and belong to social groups. You don’t need to be alone because you can meet people from over the world. Also, in business, workers often have online meetings between different countries, On the other hand, the biggest weakness is the availability of the use of technologies. You cannot access to virtual worlds without appropriate technologies. It would occur the digital divide. Furthermore, it supposes that the virtual reality seems like the real. People are no longer able to distinguish between imagination and reality. It may make them more difficult to belong to social networks in the real world. People can be who they want to be, but not possible in reality. They may be more satisfied with the life of the virtual world. Feelings of isolation will be endless.


How do virtual worlds foster creativity? and What do you think the future of virtual worlds will look like?

As I mentioned, you can create what you want in the virtual world. Of course, you should learn how to do that. The imagination will come true. It’s creativity. Someday the virtual world will look like the real world. It might change current ways to live. For example, we are failed to move to another planet. Almost resources are exhausted in Earth. We may decide to live in the virtual world. If a baby is born, he or she will be connected to the virtual world and then choose his/her appearance or exactly same features in the real world, which may be the first rule in the virtual world. It’s new life. Their real body receives the smallest amount of energy as alive as it maintains the life. Is it like the Matrix movie? I think so. However, the imagination may come true and be the future.



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Social Networking Sites

I’d like to analyze 4 popular social networking sites. It would be helpful to choose if you want to get in social networking and find which one is best suitable to you. Attention: everything is based on my subjective opinion.

1. Facebook



  • The largest amount of users
  • Easy to make social networks
  • Getting news and events from your friends, social issues in the world, tips for life, funny things, and so forth


  • Too many advertising
  • Is it YouTube? A lot of videos on feed, which can make your access to Facebook slow
  • Useless apps
  • Many observers: they are not active users and just watch what you are doing


2. Twitter



  • Many celebrities
  • More readable than Facebook because of 140-character limit
  • Quickly scan your feed due to less videos


  • Where are my friends? Ah, they’re on Facebook
  • 140-character limit (sometimes you want to tell a long story)
  • Uncomfortable private conversations


3. Pinterest



  • Beautiful images (you can “pinterest = pin + interest”
  • Fashionable topics
  • Few social issues (I like simplicity)


  • Not suitable to make connections
  • A little communication
  • Unbalanced sex ratio: most users are female


4. LinkedIn



  • You can find a job
  • Helpful to develop your resume: learn how to promote yourself
  • Real-world connection


  • Devote yourself to creating a good profile
  • Only to search for jobs or show your careers
  • To be honest, you cannot find “fun”



I’ve tried to make you get the point of features of each social networking sites. As I mentioned, these comparisons are based my impressions. I hope you to choose useful one and enjoy the social networking.

Social Net’g

In business, social Networking enables the corporation to collect users’ data. It doesn’t mean personal information, but users’ interest and preference. In the field of information technology, a new trend is “Big data.” According to the McKinsey&Company, the big data means that the amount of data in our world has been exploding, and analyzing large data sets. Most companies have tried to develop this technology. They can know what customers prefer, analyze the current trend, and predict the future of the market. In fact, companies will innovate new products and services and create a new marketing strategy based on the big data.

Why do you use Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media? It’s for social networking. You can catch new issue and event of your friends, even your family. In the current era, people are too busy because they have a lot of things to do. It means that they don’t have enough time to meet face-to-face for daily conversation. You can easily keep in touch with your families and friends through social networking. According to the article “Antisocial Networking?”, the shy can develop social skills and be an active person through social networking. In addition, social networking save cost and time, especially in the labor market. According to the article “Social Networking Technology Boosts Job Recruiting,” LinkedIn enable easy to find candidates for the job position.

On the other hand, the social networking is always followed by the issues of privacy. If you want to use social networking services, you should commonly give up your information such as name, birthdate, address, and so forth. The problem, however, is that the third party can easily collect that key personal information and you may not know at all that someone will use your information for a specific purpose as reported by the article “Leaving ‘Friendprints’: How Online Social Networks Are Redefining Privacy and Personal Security.” Moreover, friendship has changed. According to the article “Is MySpace Good for Society?”, Judith states that the meaning of friend has devalued due to a lost cost way of making and keeping social connections. In the future, people may feel awkward to start a conversation with new people or strangers in the real world because you can do it easier in the social networking. Perhaps, it may be the present. Look around you when you are at restaurant or café. Many people are together, but they use their smartphones and don’t talk too much with who in front of them. What’s wrong?



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Blog v Wiki

What is Blogs? According to the Merriam-Webster, a blog means “a Web site on which someone writes about personal opinions, activities, and experiences.” In fact, bloggers give us information and insight with their own viewpoints and writing styles. In blogs, you can comment on posts and all of them are recorded. On the other hand, what is Wikis? According to Wikipedia on Wikis, a Wiki is a website that provides collaborative modification of its content and structure directly from the web browser. Simply, it’s a collective process. People can add and revise information and knowledge in Wikis. Every activity of editing is recorded and organized in chronological order. It may give readers the credibility with accurate and related contents.

I can say that the ultimate purpose of blogs is to share information and opinions. As internal collaboration in business, employers and employees can share their own opinions on a topic or a policy, which helps to choose better business strategies and create better work environment. A meeting has physical limitations such as time and space. Blogs have no that limitations, so it gives people more chances to have conversations. As external collaboration in business, the corporation can receive feedback on products or services from customers. It helps to improve the quality of products or services and develop new sales marketing. Furthermore, blogs can be used for citizens. As reported by the article “Brooklyn Blog Helps Lead to Drug Raid,” some neighborhoods solved a social issue by sharing it in blogs. They posted and commented where fighting and drug deals occurred and what kinds of activities happened. In blogs, we can communicate anything and it may help to make a better society.

Actually, I have a negative opinion about Wiki. As above, wikis can give us useful information and knowledge, but the credibility of contents has been an unsolved issue. Due to this issue, most professors limit to use wikis as the reference of essays or writing assignments. In addition, the default of view of wikis is uncomfortable and hard to read. It looks like unorganized textbooks. Unless there is a manager to maintain a wiki site, that page would be mass. I can say that this problem is due to using only text or HTML files in wikis as stated in the article “How to Use Wikis for Business.” Also, Wikis often occur lack of responsibility because of many people involved in them. Currently, many good readable interfaces with useful widget are developed on the web. I have one idea. Wikis permit to use the content curation like BuzzFeed. For example, if you get in wikis to search for about computer, that page shows what contents relevant to the computer are getting interesting on other sites. In short, you can find information on the computer and read the news at the same time. I don’t know how to develop this feature, but I am sure that I will use wikis a lot if it is developed.

There are many network services in the world. We can communicate, for example, through voice, video, text, and so forth. It gives us the convenience to have a communication quickly and easily. However, it sometimes occurs confusion because there are too many ways to communicate. So, we need the network convergence. According to the TechTarget, the network convergence is the efficient coexistence of telephone, video and data communication within a single network. The use of multiple communication modes in a single network offers convenience and flexibility not possible with separate infrastructures. Moreover, diverse communications within a single network are useful for businesses. A provider of the network can save the cost of the maintenance control.



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The Digital Divide

I am writing this brief of my research by using my personal laptop and Wi-Fi at the library. Some will read it via a smartphone, computer, or tablet with wireless networking service or Wi-Fi. On the other hand, others may not have an opportunity to visit my blog. For example, they would be not affordable to pay the networking service or Wi-Fi. They would live in where there is no digital infrastructure like computers at the public library. If you are reading my post right now, you are not one of them. Also, some of you cannot believe the truth that there are still many people to live without the digital service and devices in the world. In addition, not only the communication technologies permit different access levels of users, but also the information is limited with them. Why are they divided? What is the impact of the digital divide? I will answer these questions based on the economic and social aspect.